The Masterclass that Changes Everything

There are so many different facets to running a charity. There are those charities that are purely philanthropic, and those that are looking to take things a step further by facilitating social enterprise. Social enterprise is great, but it adds another dimension to charity work, and that is teaching others to develop their ideas and start businesses that can be

If you have been in purely philanthropic charity work for an extended period, it may be difficult for you to wrap your mind around moving towards social enterprise. This is because you need some background in business, and how business actually works. That is why at the annual charity leaders conference, there are sessions that have been dedicated to teaching charity workers how to manage businesses. These are known as Business Booster Masterclasses. You can learn about how to manage a charity in any sector of your choice.

To ensure that learning is at its very best, the masterclass is kept small and intense. The typical setting is a roundtable session, and it is led by leaders in the industry, including consultants who are have firsthand experience on what business can be done within charities.

Some of the things that you will learn how to do is draw up contracts, or even create mergers that will bring companies together for a better future. Social enterprises need to learn how to have a competitive advantage, as well as how they can identify and explore opportunities.

This masterclass will teach you about managing risks so that you can still meet the result that you need to. Ensure that you register for this class as early as possible as there are limited slots available. Find out from people who have experienced and overcome challenges first hand and elevate your charity to another level.