A Grand Welcome for New Members

Each year, the annual charity conference welcomes new members to the fold of existing charity leaders. The very same tradition will apply in the upcoming conference in 2017. New members help to bring new lessons and insights to the conference, and give existing charity leaders the chance to expand their networks. For charities to be successful around the world, one cannot underestimate the importance of networking and building key relationships at all levels.meeting-business-936059_960_720

For this reason, there is an annual New Members lunch that is held the day before the conference begins. The aim of this lunch is a meet and greet, giving people the opportunity to introduce themselves and their charities, and talk about some of the work that they have done in an informal setting. This lunch is sponsored by existing charity leader members, and is hosted by the chairperson of the conference board. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect: –

  • An introduction to all the members of the organizers team – Get to know the people who work hard to put this conference together, and also ensure that there is a dialogue after the conference ends. These are the ones that you should seek out when you need to make a connection.
  • The Benefits of being a member – Being one of the attendees entitles you to more than just the opportunity to extend your knowledge during the conference. You will also learn the benefits you can enjoy as a member, and how these can impact your charity.

For all new members, the lunch is an event that you cannot afford to miss. Take this time to engage in some vital networking and to create some relationships that will help you at both a local and an international level. The advancement of your skills and expertise is possible with this lunch.